That was a QUICK 10 Years #TBT


Ok check this out…when Myles spends any extended time away from Tina & I, he’ll find a picture of us, put it in a zip-lock bag, sleeps with it, and keeps it with the rest of his things until it’s time for him to come home!  LOL  Kinda CRAZY, right? #classicMYLESdula

Well, while unpacking his bags after our NC trip, I stumbled across this picture and thought about something:  the older I get the quicker time seems to FLY!  This picture was taken 10 years ago and only a matter of months prior to Myles’ autism diagnosis…a BIZARRE season for Tina & I to say the least!  It all seems so recent and it’s hard to comprehend it’s been 10 YEARS…TEN…YEARS!!!

Life is like that and the more I embrace this reality, the more I’m gonna need the Lord to give me A COUPLE OF FOREVERS with Tina Dula! #inLOVEandPROUD

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