Environment-Creating Excitement

TJ Tyiesha & MylesOk, yesterday I was soliciting your prayers for Perimeter Pointe and I sincerely hope you’ll add us to your time of prayer.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a prayer-warrior and ain’t even consistent with the occasional blessing over a meal…yo, whenever it is you whisper one up, I’m asking that you remember your boy! LOL

One of the many reasons why I’m excited (and trust me when I say many reasons) is the opportunity to create an environment on Sunday mornings for children with special needs.  I can’t begin to tell you how we’ve longed to see more churches embrace the special needs community and proactively consider them when creating Sunday morning environments.  That’s not me being bitter, nor judgmental.  I’m sure if my own child were typical my priorities would likely be different.

Since my reality includes a big, beautiful boy named Myles (pictured above w/ cousins) we are driven to discover and learn how we can best create the kind of environments where parents of both typical and special needs children alike can come and experience the love of Christ.  As fun and noble as it sounds, there’s no way we can effectively accomplish this without prayer.   Additionally, we’re observing and researching churches that are KILLIN IT in this area.

If there’s a ministry that comes to your mind that’s presently creating environments for special needs children, PLEASE hit me up (sam@perimeterpointe.org).  We’re actually meeting with a couple of teams this afternoon/evening and hoping to hear, glean and learn what’s required.  Most of all, we hope to walk away knowing how we should pray toward our efforts.

Thanks in advance for joining us in prayer!!!

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