Soliciting Prayers #PerimeterPointe


How often do you read requests from people asking for prayers?  Daily?  Now, I’m not talking about prayers for an individual who’s experiencing sickness or a loss of some kind.  Those prayers are extremely important and should never be undervalued.  The prayers I’m talking about are those requests where the only solution is for God to do something amazing.  That’s the kind of prayer I’m soliciting.

We’re in the midst of planting a faith community (a church) over in the Perimeter Mall area of Atlanta.  To say that we’re excited would be a major understatement.  God has been extremely gracious and we count it an honor to share his love with those who don’t know him.

Presently, we’re building and would really appreciate you including Perimeter Pointe in your regular prayer time.  I’d love to be more specific but being that I haven’t cleared it with the team (more importantly an individual who’s role rhymes with KNIFEY) it’s safer for me to simply solicit your prayers and assure you that there will be more info forthcoming.  With that said, please know your prayers are GREATLY appreciated!

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