My Brutha in Brooklyn

I guess it’s no secret that church planting isn’t for the faint of heart.  Launching ANYTHING requires a lot of patience…and I’m quick to admit that patience isn’t my most obvious attribute.  In fact, I often hear a sentiment from guys who’ve gone down this winding road, “if there’s something else you’d rather do other than church planting, go do it!”  Yo, I couldn’t agree more, which is probably why I love hearing of bruhz who would perhaps unknowingly, embrace a Rick Warren quote: “feel the fear and do it anyway!” LOL

Even though there’s tremendous risk and more than enough reasons to pray without ceasing, the thrill of seeing people connect, and in some cases reconnect to their Creator is in one word, AMAZING!  We long to see that at Perimeter Pointe and it’s refreshing to see that same heart happening in Brooklyn, New York.

James Roberson is one of my colleagues at Blueprint Church, a native New Yorker, and a brutha from anutha mutha.  He and his family relocated back up at the beginning of the year, and are presently planting in Brooklyn.  Take a look at The Bridge Church and by all means, PLEASE keep him, his family and his team in your prayers.


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