Myles On Water Slide

Ok, this happened yesterday and was so FREAKIN HUGE for us! Due to sensory issues, most autistic kids have real challenges when it comes to processing certain activities that typical children don’t even think twice about. That’s because they don’t have to think twice…most typical minds process all of the stimuli from an activity like a water slide without much overload; of course, depended upon the child.

My child, like so many others with autism is usually bombarded with all of the stimuli of riding a waterslide (the water, the forward motion of the slide, the wind, the color of the slide) that it becomes a little overwhelming. In fact, the last two or three years, Myles would climb the steps of a waterslide, looked at what he was up against, then climbed his big behind back down the steps!

Yesterday, for some strange reason (and without wifey and I present) he decides to do it. Did I mention that HE LOVED IT!! What’s funny is that I think dude has done it several times before and we just never observed it. LOL

Yo, a special shout-out to one of his caregivers, Ms. Cathie who captured it on video for us. I couldn’t be more proud of Myles Dula.


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