Hey Roswell & Alpharetta, hit THE COUNTER #TBT @CounterRoswell

Actually, this is for anyone who lives near or readily frequents a local The Counter burger joint…the closest one for us is just off Mansell Rd.  Here’s the deal, they’re running a special for Father’s Day, a FREE BURGER FOR DAD!  Please, DO NOT sleep on this deal…the “custom-built” burgers are AWESOME and wifey & I are lovers (pun intended) of the sweet potato fries!

Not only do they have GREAT food, their taste in advertising is SUPERB! LOL 

This is YEAR TWO that they’ve chosen to use a picture of my sister and I along with one of the GREATEST DADS on the planet.  Yo, it’s a 40 year old picture and represents a time when light-skinnded bruthas could wear canary-yellow sports coats and not be mistakenly associated with Bishop Don Magic Juan! LOL Big Ups to them for including us in their ad!


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