The Leader I Want to Be…the Church I Want to See

My life has been and continues to be an interesting journey, to say the least.  Since my college days (shouts out to my WSSU FAM) it’s been clear that I was made to do ministry.  I’ve been fortunate to serve on a couple of church planting teams with some of the best people you’d ever want to me, more recently, Blueprint Church.

Not to sound nostalgic but I can’t begin to explain all the ways my life has been impacted (altered if you will) through my involvement with Blueprint.  In fact, there are two areas (of course there’s more…just bear w/ a brutha) I believe God has specifically used this ministry to prepare me for the next course of my life:

The Leader I want to be

The Church I want to see

 Basically, I want to be a leader who:

Loves God and His agenda

Cares for people in spite of their imperfections

Is equipped theologically to steward it all properly

 That’s the leader I want to be.  That’s the kind of leader with whom I hope to build.  It’s also the kind of leader I wished all church leaders had on their radar.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case and as a result, churches often prioritize other agendas instead of the agenda of connecting people to their Creator.  I truly believe that Jesus came to earth to provide the means by which mankind could have a healthy relationship with Him.

Now, THAT’S what I’d like to see:

A church that points people to a healthy relationship with the Creator

As the journey continues of being the leader I want to be…the journey begins for the church I want to see.  So begins the journey of Perimeter Pointe.


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